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Parent-child service
Beingmate is committed  to helping parents build a healthy and happy family by developing and providing scientific and safe baby products. In addition,the parent-child lectures and classes disseminate the knowledge of baby feeding, health care and cultivation to help the new moms be happy mothers.
By organizing all kinds of parent-child activities, Beingmate strengthens the interaction and relationship between parents and children, helps children broaden their horizons and knowledge to realize a wider and better world.
Parent-child lectures and classes
Science + Health + Solution
Founded in Texas US, 1993
“Allow more families gain access to personalized health management in the future. This technology will provide key technical support for the health of families, e.g. child birth, feeding, etc.”
  • Personalized disease prevention and
    management solutions

  • Intracellular micronutrient and
    cardiometabolic test

  • Solutions for hormone health and genetics