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The baby & child industry is all about conscientiousness. Commercial interests should never harm the profession of the industry, but at the same time profession should reflect commercial value.
Mr.Sam Xie

Sam Xie (Chinese name Xie Hong): Founder and Chief Scientist of Beingmate, Creator of theoretical system of “parenting and education of excellent babies”, Child Care Expert, Parenting Consultant .

Mr. Xie Hong is an expert with fruitful results in the fields of food science, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, psychology and education.He created the theoretical system of “parenting and education of excellent babies”.

He has written over 20 works include: “Scientific Scope and Evaluation Rules of Baby & Child Products”, “Infant Nutrition and Scientific Feeding”, “How to Cultivate a Champion Baby”, “Infants’ Cognition, Language and Consciousness Generation”, “Beingmate Successful Parenting”, “Philosophical Business Thinking”, “Truths Told by Xie Hong”, “Confucian Businessmen’ Thoughts”, etc.

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    Domestic formula brand in Chinese market, (maternal& infant store and channels of shops and supermarkets. *Data from AC Nielsen 2014
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For 28 years, we have been consistently devoting ourselves to providing babies all over the world with internationally advanced and high quality baby & child products. In terms of milk sources, R&D and quality control, we aim to realize the global industrial chain layout, and meanwhile we keep the cooperation with world-famous science research institutes and non-profit organizations to “spread love and fulfill responsibility’ to the communities and global babies.”

Beingmate global milk source from Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Heilongjiang Province of China, etc., to provide high quality milk.

  • 2019
    Beingmate Maternal Care Center was established.
    Beingmate inked agreements with Bubs Australia, working on high-end goat milk formula.
    Beingmate Bei Xin Er preterm formula use in the preterm and/or very-low-birth-weight infant had obtained registration certificate in China (certificate number: TY20190004).
    Beingmate infant lactose-free formula, food for special medical purposes, was officially released.
    Beingmate Baby & Child Food Co.,Ltd renamed as Beingmate Co.,Ltd.
    Beingmate new vision: Raising Babies with Beingmate, Family Shopping with MotherBuy Beingmate new mission: Make Billions of Families Live Better.
  • 2018
    Beingmate infant lactose-free formula, food for special medical purposes, had obtained the FSMP registration certificate in China (certificate number: TY20180001).
    Beingmate “Green Love” infant formula brand was officially launched, which was endorsed by Irish Ambassador to China.
    Beingmate Food Research Institute had been approved to set up a national post-doctoral research station.
  • 2017
    Selected into the Harvard Business School Case Collection
    Signed International Formula Donation MOU with SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
    Together with the first lady of Sierra Leone, Beingmate launched a milk powder donation project to promote the development of women’s and children's health in Sierra Leone.
    China's State Food and Drug Administration released the first group of registered formulas. Beingmate received the registered state food and drug numbers from 0001 to 0009. By Oct 25, 2017, Beingmate has successfully registered 45 formulas.
  • 2016
    Together with China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, Beingmate initiated the Beingmate Growth Fund to support the development of Chinese teenage football.
    Beingmate and Fonterra signed the contract to further the strategic cooperation. The two parties promised to continue the strategic cooperation in terms of infant nutrition.
    Beingmate and Fonterra signed the contract to further the strategic cooperation. The two parties promised to continue the strategic cooperation in terms of infant nutrition.
    Beingmate testing centers in Hangzhou and Heilongjiang received the certificate of laboratory approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)
    Attended the China-Chile Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, and reached an agreement with Maspex Group.
    Built the “Shanghai Health Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences – Beingmate Joint Laboratory of Gene and Nutrition”, together with Shanghai Health Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • 2015
    2015 Milan World Expo official sponsor, Green Love + became the assigned baby product of 2015 Milan World Expo.
    Reached an official global cooperation agreement with Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), which speeded up the strategic international layout.
    Beingmate and Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology founded “Beingmate Food Technology Research Fund”.
    Beingmate’s EU edition milk powder received compliments from Enda Kenny, the Prime Minister of Irland.
    “Beingmate • China Baby & Child Commodity Price Index” was released, which opened the “index era”.
  • 2014
    The Irish government credited Beingmate Green Love + “an infant formula that truly represents Irish quality”. Beingmate and Fonterra announced to build a global partnership and signed the official Strategic Cooperation Agreement
    Beingmate’s innovative technology in classic premier selection products received Chinese academic recognition.
    Beingmate and Maternal and Child Health of China Association set up “Beingmate Maternal and Child Development Research Fund” at the 6th International Children’s Health Development Forum, which aimed at supporting the big data research of children’s health.
    The third phase project of Beingmate Anda factory was finished, which realized the goal of building a world-class infant formula industrial base with annual output of 100,000 tons.
    Launched the child milk.
  • 2013
    The key technologies of champion baby series formulas developed by Beingmate passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements initiated by Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology.
    Beingmate’s whole process control and tracing system was approved by experts.
  • 2012
    Donated milk powder to Hong Kong Youjianwang Food Bank.
    Passed the review of credit management and evaluation system, and received Credit Management System Certificate from Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China.
  • 2011
    Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
  • 2010
    Beingmate built the strategic partnership with Red Crescent pavilion of International Red Cross at Shanghai World Expo, and set up “Great Love Fund” with Chinese Red Cross to help poor and ill babies and teenagers.
    Entered Hong Kong market.
    The Hangzhou factory, which is the biggest infant nutrition factory in China, was finished and put into production. The modern logistics distribution center with handling capacity of 30 billion was completed.
    The new headquarter building – Hangzhou International Maternal and Child Industry Development Building was put into use.
    The second phase project of Anda factory was finished and put into production, and the third phase project started.
  • 2009
    Beingmate and Chinese Red Cross built the “happy angel fund” to help the poor family with 0-6 years old infants and children, orphans and handicapped babies and children.
    Started the construction of the milk powder factory equipped with excellent technology and facilities in Hangzhou Maternal and Child Industrial Park.
    Released Parent-Child Culture Blue Book, and spent more than 100 million yuan to promote “family trip” and develop the new parent-child culture.
  • 2008
    Initiated the long-term family trip project.
    Released China’s first Company Social Responsibility Green Book
    The first phase project of Anda factory was finished and put into production, and the second phase project started.
  • 2007
    Built the “Beingmate Maternal and Child Care Fund” with China Children and Teenagers Foundation to take care of the rural left-behind girls. Founded and invested China’s first breast milk research institute – Beingmate Breast Milk Research Center.
  • 2006
    Ranked the first in China’s weaning food market with the largest market share.
  • 2005
    Started the construction of factories in Yichang of Hubei Province and Beihai of Guangxi Province at the same time.
    Built milk powder production bases at “the Hometown of Chinese Diary Cow” in Heilongjiang Province, which is a great place for cows to live .
  • 1999
    Initiated the foundation of “Beingmate stock”
  • 1996
    Built a new factory in Hangzhou.
  • 1994
    Beingmate was voted as the “famous trademark of Zhejiang Province”.
  • 1992
    Launched infant and child instant nutritious rice powder.